Saturday, August 8, 2009

Step one- sorting.

So, I sat down with my codex and tried to sort stuff out for my TOEMP 'competition'. I use quotes only because it isn't really people trying to beat each other, it's several of us working together to keep each other encouraged.

My Dark Angels are going to be from the 3rd Company; partly because the squad distribution works for my common army list, and partly because the iconography is the easiest available. The terminators will be from the Deathwing, of course, so that's pretty well laid out; I'll have several squads of tactical marines to sort, though. And I'm not sure, in the chapter organization, if the 'squad' it refers to is the 5 or the 10 man variants, because I plan to have a squad of 10 devastators, and I'm not sure if that'll be 9th and 10th squad, or just 9th. I also have some assault marines, but only 5 of those, so they'll just be 7th squad.

For colors, I have Dark Angels green, Chaos black, Bleached bone, Skull white, Chainmail, and Scab red. (The GW store was out of Blood Red and Boltgun Metal, so i'm improvising) I also have a standard brush for painting, a fine detail for painting, and a standard brush that has become my drybrush.

I think that I'll start out with a few wide shots of my full force, assembled for departure. Should be fun! Keep an eye out for them coming soon.


  1. I own a Codex: Dark Angels. In fact, they were the first 40K army I began collecting when I was in High School. I love their history and imagery. I'm really looking forward to following your progress with this army. Best of luck!

  2. The organisation is for 10 man squads I am pretty sure. So a squad of Assault Marines would be a squad of 10 marines at full strength. Each company is broken down to total 10 squads, and each company has 100 marines, so I assume it's 10 to 10. Hope that helps!