Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And I continue the post avalanche.

Time for some terrain shots.

This was the crashed Aquila lander that came in the Battle for Macragge box set I got to start off my collecting. (Yes, they now sell it as a standalone piece, but I got those darned space marines!) I painted it a few days ago, or at least started, this is what I've done so far.

That was the main body of the lander- going to eventually paint it DA green, but for now, I'm basecoating it black.

That was the cockpit, with some blue painted on the windows. You can just barely see behind it how it was a light tan color first; I was originally going to just make it a neutral color, but now that I'm fully behind the Dark Angels, I'll kit it up to look like it belongs to them. It'll go well with the Monastery that 73rd held onto the templates from. As a side note, I emailed GW about the article, to see if it'd get published as a book, or put back online, but they said negative.

This is an example piece I did to show the color scheme once finished. I'm going to freehand the red lines, and a big red sword, on the back of the shuttle so it has some nice, pretty sword-and-wings iconography.

And this is a collected shot, with the pieces in (more or less) the right places. I'll post as I continue with it, but it might take longer, since I've got the TOEMP going on keeping me busy.

Tomorrow at noon, I've got a game set up at the local store; have my friend Greg, who plays Eldar, that I normally game against, and invited my friend Ishmael (who has complete Ork and Tyranid armies- guy must really like hordes) to come along as well. With the Emperor's blessing, I will be victorious.

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