Saturday, December 29, 2012

And time to break my hiatus again! (In deference to the last post - I've started using FB more too.) Thanks to an agreement with a friend, I've started painting on the Dark Vengeance marines, and tried something resembling a Work in Progress set of photos.

I started with just the first half of the Tac squad - the Sarge, plasma gunner, and three normal tactical marines. Here they are disassembled and ready for priming - I've found it's the easiest way to get all the fiddly bits painted with my unsteady hands.

Primed and ready to go!

And here they are with the green.

Close up. Little hard to tell since the green is so dark.

After green came the bone.

After that was silver. (I also put some Mournfang Brown on the purity seal bases, but it was small enough I didn't get an in-between shot.

And the Sergeant.

After that, red.

The sergeant again.

And here they are assembled, mid-way through overall painting, to show the progress I've made thus far.

As you can see, a fair amount of work to do - the DA shoulderpads need white, the sarge needs pink on the face, the plasma coils need their treatment, his mini-shrine needs white and gold, and they need touching up and some wash, then highlighting. I'm pretty happy with how far along they are at the moment, though - it felt good to do some more painting.

As an aside, here's a shot to show you most of my last painting in the past eight months. The Photobucket where these are all hosted also has more shots of my workspace, more pictures of the progress, and a couple showing me at work and how much my hair's grown.

Any of you who stuck with me over the year and a half of no posts - thank you! I'm going to start posting more regularly - and painting more/ more often - and your patience will be rewarded.

Ta for now!