Thursday, August 13, 2009

Battle report!

This battle saw me pitted against my friend who initially got me into this game. He was playing his Tyranids, mostly a monstrous creatures army (6 carnifexes and a hive tyrant!) and I was marching my Dark Angels, both of us at 1500 points.
I had forgotten the camera in my pocket, so the first picture I took was after I had moved, and shot, and he had taken out half my veterans in his first shooting phase.
This was his army after the first moving turn. What he didn't field in 'fexes, he made up for with genestealers.
Tried to show the beginning of the serious engagement with this shot, but it doesn't seem to have worked that well.
After the fiasco of the first turn, I dropped one squad of my tactical marines back to secure my objective.
Bugger managed to immobilise my rhino after the first shooting phase, and through the next five turns, never got it working again. He also took out both storm bolters on it, making it essentially useless.
The squad of scouts was a bad idea- tried to flank around him, but never had the movement to shoot, then assault, giving me the charge. Which, I learned in a minute, would have been worthless, as the genestealers have I6 and my scouts, only I4.
In this shot, you can see my lone Terminator captain, after the deep striking worked perfectly and they failed to actually damage any of the 'sniper' 'fexes. I had to charge a veteran sargeant in there with a power sword to get those wounds you see just past his ass. The assault marines also dropped in fine, and unloaded into the genestealers- getting a single wound, which was saved against, and nearly killing one of mine from a bad plasma weapon roll.

Pretty much my final hope, at this point- his genestealers still weren't at their objective, and I had mine secured. I don't have any more pictures, but he had to run his carnifexes across the board to blow the living daylights out of my last squad, and in turn 6 he finally secured his own objective. My last ditch effort in 6 was to drop a couple of frag missiles into them, see if I could get them to run- he'd left them out of synapse- but I only managed to kill one of them, and his 'fexes wiped me out.

Next time I'm up against monstrous creatures with toughness 6 or 7 and four wounds apiece, I'm throwing more meltaguns into my squad, and replacing the scouts and rhino with my Dreadnaught. I really need to get a drop pod for him, so I can field him deep enough to make a difference. I could also use a serious devastator squad, 2 lascannons and 2 plasma cannons, so I can put the missile launchers back into the squads just in case I need them.

Also, sorry for the blurry pictures- I'm still getting used to the camera, and some days are better than others.

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