Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick runthrough of my army

Here's a few shots of my army, in all its Unforgiven glory.

Company Master Rafael is standing at the fore, with his veterans (disrobed, lawl) right behind him. To the left is my four 10-man squads of tactical marines, with their sergeants; all are kitted out with a flamer and rocket launcher. The blue squad was traded for my termagaunts from the Battle for Macragge starter set. Front right is my Scout squad; right behind them, my Assault marines, with a standalone company of veterans to their left. In the back is their Rhino transport (as yet unnamed) and the Dreadnaught containing the remains of Brother Davidius. To his left, a squad of Deathwing terminators, and to his right are a few scattered marines- one with a meltagun, and a couple of people that came from the Macragge set I haven't done anything with. Freestanding in the middle is my converted Chaplain, and freestanding to the right is my converted Librarian.

Here's a closer view of the librarian. (For the record, it was a pain in the ass to get it there <-- so hopefully you enjoy it) I pretty much went with a standard marine, but I glued a book from something I got onto one shoulder pad. Hey, it counts, okay? The other shoulderpad, the picture I took didn't come out, but it's the standard bearer shoulderpad with the sword bisecting the laurel. I'm going to make the background green, and the sword and laurel either red or white- haven't decided- to make what looks to be, at a distance, the Dark Angels crest. This is my converted chaplain; the shot turned out blurry because I'm still trying to figure out how to work my girlfriend's camera. She says to zoom in electronically, rather than hold it next to the thing, so I'll try that next time. His backpack is from the DA veteranse box, and I don't remember where the mace came from, but it was floating in my bits tub. Gave him a plasma pistol as well, but I never really use him because I've got the librarian and the Company Master.

Unfortunately, none of the other shots turned out that well. Doesn't really matter that much, though, because none of them are really painted yet that I want to show off. Anyways, next post will be my first step of the Deathwing Terminators.

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