Monday, August 17, 2009

In time, depending on time zone.

I packed everything up last night, thinking I was finished, but the uploading of pictures was taking forever. Probably for the best; when I woke up, I realized I hadn't painted the Deathwing symbols on their free shoulder pads. The first couple pictures were pre-that, but I like them and didn't want to have wasted the effort.
Here's a shot from behind, to show that I dropped some Chaos Black on the accordion joints between the limbs, also pre-Deathwing markings.
Here's one of them laying down- trying to get a decent shot to show off that I hit both their eye slots and the auspex lenses with some Scab Red.
Here's one showing the actual work on the shoulderpads. Had to freehand it, no transfers, and I discovered that early in the morning, my hands are shaky as all get out. I tried using a pencil to draw guidelines, but they didn't show well enough, and my hands didn't have the control to stay with them. They still turned out okay, I think.
Final shot of them, and you can even see the basing. I decided that, since I like cityfighting so much, I would just put their bases back to black and draw road markings on top. Was slightly hampered by not having a yellow, but they turned out decently enough, I think.
So there's my entry- I had finished painting at 12:15 PM on Monday the 17th, and am posting this at 3:28 PM on Monday the 17th.

One thing I'm not sure of, for the points- I did the Deathwing icons freehand, and I also painted the purity seals, Crux Terminatus, hoses, and things like that. Would that be 1, 5, or 6 points per model?


  1. what i like the most : the simple and effective basing.

    What I like the less : they looks a bit unfinished : maybe you should try a simple wash of devland mud on the whole miniature (yes, all of it with just that wash, eventually a bit diluted)

  2. Great stuff my friend! Deathwing rule!