Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bleached Bone time

To start off this post, I'll put up a picture my lovely girlfriend snapped as I worked.
This is after I got the bleached bone on them all- before assembly, and after.

Still need to paint their storm bolters, the Sergeant's face and power sword, go over the joints with black, the aquilas with green, and the Crux Terminatus in some nice gray shade. I'm going to the game store tomorrow, and might grab a Chestnut wash to try and even out the color- there's still brush strokes all over, and places where the white shows through, but not as bad as they gray did through the white.


  1. Nice progress, I do the same colour testing that you appear to do on the bases. Either that or I use them to wipe away excess paint!

  2. It's partly the former- mostly it was to remind myself what stage of paint coats they were on. (2 basecoats of white, and one of bone)