Monday, March 16, 2009

There wasn't a question on Sunday.

Five about Almsgiving

"Is it hard for you to share what you have? Why?"

I have a problem giving money to the homeless; the vast majority of the time, they're comfortable where they are, and my money will go no further than the convenience store. There's a fair number of them who are actually well-off, and beg for change because a) it's fairly profitable, and b) it's not taxable. I don't know of any other way to give to the poor- I could probably volunteer at a soup kitchen, but Leah says there really aren't any in Tempe. I generally wear my clothes out to the point where they wouldn't be any good to a thrift store. I suppose when I buy at a thrift store, I'm technically helping the poor- but I'm also helping myself, at the same time, by getting something I want or need. Though it helps them, it's still not quite charity.

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