Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catch-up time.

Wednesday: Can you think of a time when you saw someone who needed help and you didn't help them? How do you feel about that?

There was an old, impaired guy they hired to work at the bookstore- he always had balance issues, and really wasn't that useful. They had him as a janitor to back Gary up, who was fairly old himself. One day I was walking around outside, and he fell over against the bench- I didn't see until he had already fallen, and two or three other people were helping him up. Looking back now, I wish I'd at least stayed to make sure he was okay- I don't think I was in a terribly big hurry, wherever I was going.

Thursday: How will you decorate your Least Coin container?

I didn't know this was going on- I have a little box of pennies from when I used to buy things in cash, I suppose I can donate that. I'll have to check with St. Thomas to see if they do something like that.

Friday: Do you think kids should give money in the collection at church?

Yes, I do- pennies add up, and dollars- if they put a dollar every week, that's nearly $50 per kid. It also sets the habit for them to continue donating as they get older.

Five about Reconciliation

Monday: Can you remember a time when part of you wanted to do the right thing and another part of you just wouldn't give in? How did that feel?

Depressing- I knew what should have been done, but couldn't bring myself to do it.

Tuesday: Can you remember a time when you knew what you should do, but you did the wrong thing anyway? How did that feel?

Yes- it felt terrible. And the aftermath is still plaguing me.

Wednesday: God gives us a choice between good and evil and God wants us to choose. What are you going to choose today?

Good- and I've been choosing it more and more often. That's not to say that I don't still choose bad occasionally- but progress is brick by brick, and I'm improving.

Thursday: Why is not feeling bad when we do bad things dangerous for our soul?

Because it implies a certain level of moral erosion. If we are able to do things without it feeling wrong, then we no longer have God whispering the right choices in our ear. It also means we will be capable of much greater wrongs without feeling bad about them. It means we have gotten distant from God, as well.

Friday: What do you like about going to confession?

I haven't gone yet, but I really look forward to it.

Five About Holiness

Monday: What do you think it would be like to be a saint?

I think it would be wonderful- both before and after the physical death. To be a close, personal friend of Jesus. And after death, to be able to petition to God for intercessory miracles in your name- I do have a bit of a fame complex, and want to be well-known and well-regarded.

Tuesday: Do you think you can choose to do the right thing even if other kids tease you?

It'll be difficult- a large amount of my mental state revolves around other peoples' opinions of me. Hell, I haven't even told Todd or Melanie that I'm converting because I'm afraid of their reactions, and their actions in response to it. Hopefully, once I'm a little stronger in faith myself, I'll be able to stand up for the views that I've recently come into- but for the moment, I need to explore them myself.

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