Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Five about fasting

So I picked up a guide to Lent for kids, when I was at Stations of the Cross with Leah last week. Fairly juvenile, but explains things simply and well. It suggests keeping a journal- I'm going to go ahead and do that. And, since nobody will be reading this until after Lent, I can post my Lenten resolutions (hopefully) without giving in to pride or vainglory.

"Is there anything you could give up- even just for the rest of today or this week?
And what will you do instead?"

I feel comfortable enough, with all the talk of not necessarily giving, but sacrifice, which can mean adding something for my Lenten devotion. I've added going to the Wednesday daily mass (which reminds me, I need to print a copy of the Litany of Mary so I have something to reference, as they will go through that after the Mass is ended) prior to my RCIA inquiry class. Since I'm not officially Catholic yet, I can't receive the Holy Eucharist, but I can still attend the Mass. I think that, since I'm at a difficult time, going twice weekly will aid me in growing closer to God, but going daily, as someone mentioned, isn't really feasible.

Going to start going to the 9 AM sunday masses- so it's all the more important that I get my permit, then license, then the car from my parents- because as it is, it'll take me nearly an hour and a half to take the light rail from my apartment, then catch the bus north the rest of the way. And considering that I won't be home until nearly midnight on saturday nights, it'll probably be about 6-7 hours of sleep. Well, I guess it doesn't sound that bad when I put it that way.

I'll go ahead and end it here- hopefully I'll be posting daily, or nearly so, for the rest of Lent, and the rest of the book.

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