Saturday, March 14, 2009

From Deanna at work

im actually really happy to hear that you realize that you deserve to be treated better that you shouldn't have to face the brunt of a catagory 5 tropical storm. I always thought that you could find whatever girl you wanted, and since it was obvious to me that you were a very compassionate person I figured that you would eventually find a really cool, open minded, likeminded girl who understands you accepts you and lets you be you. In time you will find a girl who not only makes your heart soar, but also totally unconditionally, and nonjudgementally loves you for exactly who you are, and lets you be who you are. Keep striving for that you will find it

She's kind of a hippy, but that's not to say she doesn't have valid points. I may deserve to be treated better, but I need to treat myself better first- when I do, my self esteem will be at a place where I recognize and avoid that kind of treatment before I have to try and deal with it. I am rather compassionate, I would say to a fault, as it prompts me to stay much longer than I should in painful situations- or make me stick my hand into the dog cage again, only to have it bitten once more. All things in moderation, though- there's a point where it becomes harmful, where the other party resents the offer of assistance, no matter how sincere the motives for it. As to finding a cool, open minded, like-minded girl- there's a limit on how open-minded I would be interested in, especially with my current conversion progress. Like-minded is very important, but I think will come naturally- there will be too much friction between me and someone who is dissimilar enough to be noticed. And if I find someone too similar, I'd drive myself too crazy being driven crazy. As for the rest... I'd have to know who I am before someone could love me for it. The wind no longer calls to me- I need to remember my name.

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