Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exploring theme/ setting story elements.

I also happen to enjoy writing short stories, even if I don't tend to do so very often. Going to be lifting a lot of ideas from Max Brooks' amazing publication- though it isn't necessarily a definitive treatise, it's currently the best item out there to aid in surviving a zombie outbreak.

The background for my angle of the story is going to be sudden windfall- I win the lottery jackpot and find myself with plenty of money, so I do my best, in a short period of time, to get myself to a sustainable level of preparation. I include very few people in my preparations- only those people that I trust implicitly in a crunch, which is currently only two- one of them likely already has other plans in such an event, though, so I'll have to be discounting that for story purposes.

Preparations are made and underway when the 'unthinkable' happens and we experience a class 2 outbreak here in town. Our plans, mettle, and skills are tested as we flit from safehouse to safehouse- a total of 4 had been established, one of them a house i purchased, one of them here at work. Two other groups meet up with us for common defense, having had the same idea. Eventually zombie population goes down and we scout; meet other outposts/bastions, exchange limited dialogue.

Creativity and muse dried up, more in the future.

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