Saturday, March 7, 2009

Five About Fasting

Apparently I didn't notice yesterday and forgot to do my regular entry. I'll do it today, instead.

"Today, can you remember not to eat meat and maybe one other favorite food so that you are poor for God?"

Well, I didn't eat meat. It was one of the days where we're provided food, and so I just didn't eat the chicken in that meal- passed it off to Gumby so it wasn't wasted. I think on Fridays I'm also going to fast and only have the one meal a day- honestly, the fasting rules aren't that difficult, and between my desire for holiness, and lack of funds, skipping all but the one meal on fridays will be good for me.

Next Lent I think that I'll fast every day, and not eat anything on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday at all. Along with the no meat on fridays. Hopefully by then I'll be at a job that doesn't quite compromise my soul like this one does. :/

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