Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Character Bio

This is a character I've always wanted to play- I've never found anyone who had the time, inclination, or skill to run a game where I thought he could be done justice. I may as well write things out to get them cemented, and in the off chance I write a story/get a game to use him.

The True Evan Fardreamer

Born on Tatooine, of course. Brother Cole works for the New Republic eventually (in one of the actual novels- they don't give any history, though, so I'm inventing :D) but Evan was never interested in galactic politics. Fascination with the Jedi very early on; used chore money to send off for archive searches. Nearly caught once by anti-Jedi hunters, and learned discretion. Continued his searches, aided by HoloNet hackers and their ilk; told nobody what he was truly searching for.

Eventually got enough amassed to leave the planet and make his own way- took with him grandfather's paperweight, which turned out to be a dormant Holocron. Not nearly as impressive as most, as the art of Holocron creation has become lost, it simply gave directions to a distant outer rim planet. Upon arriving he found his grandfather's stronghold, with many tomes on Jedi lore and meditations; his Force sensitivity chose then to manifest, and he spent several years learning there.

He has since sought out other Jedi to learn directly from them, but such meetings are fraught with danger, so they are infrequent and remote. He has also honed his combat skills, against a variety of training aides, and occasionally other sparring partners. He has focused mostly on his subterfuge, remaining hidden from all but the most dedicated of searchers- and he has defended himself against a fair number of other practicioners, steeped in the Dark side of the Force.

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