Friday, April 3, 2009

Five About Holiness - Friday

"Do you have a special person you can talk to about anything?"

I suppose Leah is the closest I have. Greg would be second. Greg, however, I really can't talk to about romantic woes- and Leah I have trouble talking to about woes involving her. Other dilemmas I can bring to her no problem, and she'll give me her insight on the situation. It's becoming harder to bring things to her, though, because sometimes I just can't reach her. I tried talking to her about what she was doing, how unfair it was to Tony, but I couldn't get her to realize what she was doing to him was wrong. She insisted that because there was nothing romantic about it on her side, there was nothing improper to her behavior- and I wasn't strong enough to take a stand myself. I made a choice, but it was the easy choice... and I'm not certain it was the right one. But it's the one I'll stick to until something else changes it- I doubt Tony will be as copacetic as she is. And then she said that she would make him see there was nothing wrong with it. That honestly smacks of hubris- that she was so sure she was right, even though she said she gave consideration to his feelings... that no matter how he stood, she would make him be on her side of it. And she, after that deliberation, decided not to tell him- but not to hide it from him. That's dangerously close to lying by omission.

I tried to make her see that, but she wouldn't. She initially tried to guilt trip me about it, in a quiet way, but quit trying to do that- then simply said she would abide by my decision. The decision wasn't the point- trying to get her to see what she was doing was. But I suppose it's always been a lost cause. I love her, but I can't reach her- and her pride keeps her from seeing her errors. :/

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